Here’s some of the logo/icon attempts:


Welcome Screen is where you either log in or sign in as a user or a technician (partner). Once you log in you have your Getting Started Screen and account screens.


Menu Screen is the screen where we designed the side menu of your account accessible anytime. My Account Screen is the screen where you (in this case the partner) access your public profile and your bank information. My Jobs Screen is the screen where the user’s activity is shown – jobs in progress, completed jobs and the place for creating a job.


Browse Partners Screen is the screen where you access the list with the technicians to connect with in order to hire them to fix your domestic problems. The icons below their names shows if they are electricians, plumbers, mechanics or others. The Partner Details Screen is the screen where you get detailed information on the technician’s professional history along side with the other client’s comments.


From My Jobs Screen you could create a job, so the technicians can review your problem and connect with you to get your sink fixed for instance. So, as you see below, the Create Job Screenhas its title, category, short description and images showing the problem. There’s also the time available for the user to meet with the technician. Once your job is posted, you will be getting offers from the technicians with their charge estimates to choose your best offer on Job Estimates Screen. Once you accept the estimation of your fee on Accept Estimates Screens, you are connected with the technician to process the job.


On Progress Accepted Screen you will see the status of the temporary accepted estimated fee and you will be able to discuss the problem in better detail with the technician on the Chat Screen. When you finalize the job estimation, and when the job is completed the technician marks the job done. You accept that on the Job Complete Screen.