Check out the prototype in action on the Creative Cloud:


You can download the Experience Design prototype files for free here.

Originally I wanted to test out the new Adobe software and check out it’s power in a real project. It turns out Adobe Experience Design is really handy when it comes to roughing out quick scenes. Sharing is fast and neath using the Creative Cloud services. Although I can definitely feel the 1.0 version complex, where there’s a bunch of limitations, which separates this software from professional high end softwares. Adobe XD forums are actively gathering update ideas and suggestions, some of which we should see probably in the near feature. If you care enough you can join the Adobe Feedback Forum yourself and give your suggestions as well.

I would be happy to see layers in the XD, which are necessity when the scene gets too complex. Rulers might be handy as well, despite of the great snapping system of the Adobe XD. I also wanted to have some tools for micro animations inside a single scene to prototype dropdown menus, input fields, check marks and others. Typographic features and better text editor is a must, and many more. There are like 400 ideas and suggestions in the forum waiting for Adobe to develop and include in the next updates.

Feel free to discuss or critique my mockup any time. I’d be very happy to exchange experience with you.

Download my prototype for free.

There’s a neat progress on Adobe Experience Design adding a few new features, like background blur and scrolling art boards in preview mode. The two screens below shows the blur in action.


Check out a recorded demo of my shopping-app prototype here.

It’s a pleasure to begin your interactive project in Adobe XD and here is a good demo of creating a wire frame prototype to design (or high fidelity) prototype. My favorite part here is the batch edits on shapes and repeat grids. It’s really exciting for me to see how fast the software evolves.