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This is the digital design sample of the business cards of STS Soft (for print):

STSdb database

STSdb is an embedded object-oriented database designed for mission critical and real-time applications. The initial requirement of STSdb was to work with enormous data sets, which set up a completely brand new approach, a new fundamental idea, and a new paradigm in database engineering. Its components had been designed in unconventional manner, making STSdb the fastest database in the world.

STSdb’s advanced technique enable organizations to manage terabytes, even petabytes of disparate data within secure, transaction-intensive environments using data management solutions that span a spectrum of challenges:

– Sustaining extreme transaction volumes and tempos
– Supporting mission-critical analytics and data warehousing

At a higher level, your data warehouse affords something much more valuable: a foundation for a wealth of business intelligence.

A data warehouse, implemented correctly provides a rich knowledge base for strategies, tactics and opportunities to grow. To that end, Data Warehousing presents a series of services designed to help your business understand the multitude of disparate data sources it has at its disposal.