Viversum – 2023

Full rebranding of Viversum - this initiative aimed to refresh the overall look and feel, with the intention to attract younger customers, a long standing goal of the company.

Hummingbird Project

This project aimed to enhance backend flexibility and modernize the frontends of the company's two flagship platforms. Additionally, it involved a complete rewrite of the apps...

Questico 2020 Rebranding

Rebranding Questico, a 20 years old brand evolution. The goal here was to change the app UI in order to comply with the new company brand, but also to improve the app UI and...

Core App

Core App is life coaching app on a mission to improve the love and relationship life of the young people around the world.


Viversum is a mobile app which connects German speaking people, seeking life couching consultations in the esoteric field.


Auramind is a concept based on an existing and unused old brand, owned by Adviqo GmbH. The idea of this concept is a chat only service, similar to chat bots and AI empowered...


Questico is a mobile app which connects German speaking people, seeking life couching consultations in the esoteric field.


The responsive e-store website of Danika 2002 Ltd. The website provides the customers with a modern tool for choosing and purchasing specific products from a dynamic catalog,...

Playy App

Playy is a mobile app which allows music fans to record and synchronize a 10-second video with a music library of up-and-coming artists and producers.


Hompass GmbH is a German merchant for distributing premium organic food internationally. This is only a desktop concept proposal of the commercial platform, although the team...


“Our premium organic honeycombs comes straight from the hive and is the healthiest and most raw form of honey available. Produced in one of the cleanest mountain regions in...

Creative Entrepreneurs

“Launched at No. 10 Downing Street in January 2016, Creative Entrepreneurs is a movement to bring together – for the first time in one place – the resources, inspiration and...

STS Cosmetics

Full revisioning of the website of STS Cosmetics – a Bulgarian cosmetics manufacturer. The project had to cover a clean UX design, multiple languages across all the devices, with...


Mateev Bio is a Bulgarian company specialized in manufacturing and trading of organic honey and other organic bees products.