In 2022, we had the enormous task to replace the backend with a more flexible, modern and faster to upgrade solution. A project called internally Hummingbird.

The task required extensive adjustments to every frontend component while preserving the essential set of features to ensure that the customers would not miss out functionality or experience.

Simultaneously, we fully rebranded one of our older platforms, Viversum. This initiative aimed to refresh the overall look and feel, whit the intention to attracting younger customers, a long standing goal of our company. Research had indicated that our customer demographic was aging, prompting our employer to prioritise targeting a younger audience.

*show old viversum brand

The frontend of the newer websites had already transitioned to React, and as part of the Viversum rebrand, we aimed to migrate it to the new React Frontend. Design unification was a must and we had our proof of concept with our White Label Apps production for years. We had already defined the base requirements for a multi brand to ensured the seamless application of React Web to the new brand’s design while maintaining a consistent user experience across all React brands.

*show comparison between questico and viversum web

*show target brand Viversum brand design

Within our mobile applications, given the extensive changes already underway, we made the bold decision to transition from a Native codebase to Flutter. This transition allowed us to adopt a modular development approach within Flutter, replacing our less flexible monolith Native structure.

*show multibrand on the apps of Questico and viviversum

*show transformation of Viversum

Collaboratively, with our app developers, I led efforts to deconstruct the user interface into meaningful components, effectively creating the foundational building blocks for feature modules. A feature module can be for example Payments or Login. Additionally, we streamlined our content management process by centralising it using Contentful, benefiting both our mobile apps and web platforms.

*show modules and components structure

Despite numerous challenges, we successfully delivered these transformations within an incredibly tight timeframe. To manage the associated pressure, we did extremely careful planning, leveraging the the insights gained from Critical Chain Project Management workshops.

* show end results for the web an app

Learning and reflection

*explain why a multibrand is basically set of rules/requirements to the design to create another brand. show from what brand delivery was made