Questico is the bench mark of a white label app production which is being developed for German, English and French speaking markets. Delivered for Android and iOS, this platform features variety of complex services across 3 different App products, sharing the same code base.

The Styleguide:

We developed a universal/white label color pallet, which can be recycled and reused in the other brands in the same code base. The other two brands in this production are as follow and


Here’s a screenshot from iOS Zeplin project, showing the naming convention:

One of the interesting features is Qmail, a (sometimes payed) messaging system enabling a life couch to advise our users.


Another communication feature is the chat life advising:


Questico is intended to use custom micro interactions, button animation, that I designed in After Effects. The goal here is to strengthen the feedback the users will receive after interaction – adding advisors to their favourite list or getting notified for availability.

Add to Favourites button:

Notify Me (for when a life couch is available):

The Qmail 2.0 candidate is modernised and uplifted. The new design increases readability, dynamics and fluidity. The mode important UI elements get more thicker shapes aiming to become more prominent and easier to find quickly. It is better balanced in terms of font sizes, in order to bring more information and stress on importance of different content elements. Whit this update I was intending to bring also more fluidity and continuity of interaction. Which is also becoming a standard for Apple users. So in the end the users should feel more delighted and pleased when reading or creating Qmails.

Here is in a “in development” template for the white label development project, where we would like to work with color tables. The Dark Mode template:

Here’s the comparison sheet with colors for dark and light mode.

The next a few screenshots are presenting some of the main user flows, which I together with the developers came up with. The challenge here was to find the best balance between resources and delivery time over the business importance, while meeting all the requirements from the backend services.

Onboarding Flow:

Callback flow with specific time slots:

Chat user flow: